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Preparing a Gameboy DMG Shell

Article is being updated

Preparing your Gameboy shell is relatively easy and requires few tools. I would recommend having at hand...

  • Snips
  • Small drill bit (2mm)
  • Stepped drill bit (Up to 11mm minimum)
  • Sharp Craft knife (Recommended)
  • Scotchbrite (Recommended)
  • Crosshead screwdriver

Remove the cartridge guard


Remove the two posts shown in the photo


Remove the battery springs


Remove these posts from around the LCD including the raised plastic surrounding the POWER led


Remove the post next to the buttons


Place the Button Bracket / Drill Guide into your shell


Using a small drill bit, drill a pilot hole


Using a stepped drill-bit enlarge the hole to 11mm. Go slow for a better and more accurate finish.


Use a sharp knife to remove any excess plastic and to smooth / soften the edge

I sometimes use Scotch Brite to further "sand" the edges to soften them

The additional buttons should be able to drop freely into the bracket without getting caught on any of the shell. If they do, use a file or sharp knife to adjust until they drop correctly.