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Zega Mame Gear Pre-install Checks

Do not exceed 5v and 2.5a when charging


Connect the Power Board to a USB-C power supply and ensure you see three solid battery level LEDs and one flashing battery level LED.


Toggle the power switch and ensure the power LED illuminates. You will need to cycle the power switch twice to switch on, then twice to switch off. This is normal as the shutdown sequence is software initated.


Disconnect the USB-C power supply


Connect the Power Board and Audio Board to the Mainboard


Connect the Speaker to the Audio Board and ensure the volume is turned up


Plug your Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero 2 with a prepared SD Card into the Mainboard via the 40 pin header


Connect the Power Board to a USB-C power supply


Power on the Zega Mame Gear using the power board power switch.


The LCD will initally show as white during the boot process. This can last up to 40 seconds if using a Raspberry Pi Zero. Please allow enough time for the Raspberry Pi to fully boot.