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Zega Mame Boy FAQs

Is the LCD included?


Do you have an installation guide?

I have added a pre-check and set-up guide here.

Is there any soldering involved?

The only soldering required is to solder the battery extension cable to the charging board. If you are not comfortable doing this I can do it for you prior to shipping but there would be a small charge.

Can I use my Game Boy cartridges?

Unfortunately not. The Zega Mame Boy kit replaces the original Gameboy PCBs

Can I use AA batteries?

No, this kit uses a lithium rechargeable battery than can be supplied with the kit (within the UK), or you can choose to purchase your own.

I live outside the UK, where can I buy the batteries?

I purchase all my batteries from Aliexpress. You can order them here. See more info under Recommend Batteries

Can I use my own image?

Technically yes, but you would need to install all the required drivers manually for the LCD, GPIO input and audio output yourself. I do not support 3rd party images. If there are any issues while using your own image, I'm afraid I cannot help. Why not do it the easy way and download my pre-configured image

Are Roms included?

No. Images for the Zega Mame Boy do not include Roms.