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Mame Boy Advance - What is it?

The Zega Mame Boy Advance is a custom PCB designed to use a Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero 2 inside a Game Boy Advance SP Shell.


  • Additional X and Y button support
  • Optional Audio Jack
  • Safe Shut-down and Power-off
  • Digital Audio
  • Lithium Battery Charging
  • Battery Level LED
  • Front power LED
  • Front SD activity LED

Installation of the Zega Mame Boy Advance SP Kit requires soldering to complete the setup. Only attempt if you are confident in your soldering ability. By attempting to complete the setup of the Zega Mame Boy Advance SP you are confirming that you accept responsibility for any issues and / or damages that may arise due to incorrect installation.

Refunds will only be given if no attempt has been made to perform the setup and the kit can be returned in its original state. I can help fix any issues as long as the kit can be returned to me at the buyers expense. Charges will occur for any remedial work carried out and any costs will be confirmed before the work is started. Please contact me with any concerns that you have, or if you would like me to carry out any soldering for you.