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Mame Boy Advance SP FAQs

Does the kit come with a Raspberry Pi pre-soldered?

I am afraid not. No Zega Mame Boy Advance kits are supplied with a Raspberry Pi pre-soldered.

Can I use my own image?

Technically yes, but you would need to install all the required drivers manually for the LCD, GPIO input and audio output yourself. I do not support 3rd party images. If there are any issues while using your own image, I'm afraid I cannot help. Why not do it the easy way and download my pre-configured image.

Can I play my original cartridges?

No, this kit will not play original Gameboy Advance SP cartridges.

What batteries would you recommend?

For the latest infomation on recommended batteries for all kits please see 'Recommend Batteries' under 'General'

Are Roms included?

No. base images for the Mame Boy Advance SP Kit do not contain Roms.