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Mame Boy Advance SP Pre-install Checks

Do not use a power supply that exceeds either 5v or 2.5a
Do not use a power supply designed specifically for another device such as a Nintendo Switch
Do not use a power supply capable of Fast Charging

If in doubt, contact me first.


Connect a suitable USB-C Power supply to the Mainboard and ensure you see 3 solid battery level LEDs and 1 Flashing LED.

If no LEDs illuminate on the rear of the mainboard, contact me.


With power applied, cycle the power switch.

  • Cycle it twice and make sure the Power LED illuminates
  • Cycle it twice again and ensure the Power LED goes off.

Remove the USB-Power source

These checks ensure both the power supply and charging circuit or working as expected. You may now solder the Raspberry Pi to the mainboard. Soldering the Raspberry Pi to the mainboard means no returns will be accepted and no refunds will be given.