Zega Mame Gear - What is it?

The Zega Mame Gear is a custom-made drop-in kit that fits perfectly into any Sega Game Gear shell without any modification and no soldering. It runs on a Raspberry Pi 3a+, Zero, Zero 2 and even a CM4 with the optional CM4 adapter, giving you access to thousands of retro games with Retropie. Pre-configured images are available to download so you can enjoy playing without the hassle of setting it up. Powered using one or two lithium batteries and re-charged via USB-C.


  • No soldering
  • 4 Front button support
  • Plug and Play
  • External access to USB and SD Card (Optional)
  • Connect to a TV with HDMI out (Optional)
  • Digital Audio Safe shutdown and power-off
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • USB-C Charging
  • Pre-configured images

No soldering

You do not need any soldering skills to use the Zega Mame Gear kit. It simple screws into an original or reproduction Game Gear shell. I have both a Pre-soldered & DIY kit available.

4 button support

Although not required, adding the additional 2 front buttons will open up more games to play on the Zega Mame Gear. Some shell modification is required. If you don't fancy drilling the shell yourself, purchase a ready drilled shell in the colour of your choice from the store

HDMI out

Now available with HDMI out allowing you to plug directly into a TV or Monitor for big screen gaming

Digital audio

The custom audio board integrates crisp digital audio to eliminate hiss and crackle

External USB and SD card access

With the optional Zega Mame Gear expansion board, you can easily access the SD card and connect a USB device such as a Game Controller

Safe shutdown and power-off

The Zega Mame Gear can be shutdown using the Game Gear power switch. Retropie will safely shutdown and the power will be disconnected. Meaning no corrupt SD cards

Pre-configured images

Download a pre-configured image to get started. No drivers to install, no software to configure