MDF Desktop Arcade Shell
MDF Desktop Arcade Shell
Mini, 18cm Tall Desktop, MDF Arcade Shell

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Supplied Flat Pack ready to build

  • To fit a 3.5" LCD (Composite or HDMI)
  • 3mm MDF construction
  • Clear Acrylic LCD and Marquee
  • Height: 18cm
  • Width: 8.2cm
  • Artwork Sold Seperately
  • LED Marquee PCB sold Seperately
  • LCD not supplied

Shell Pack includes:

  • 3mm MDF slotted side panel x 2
  • 3mm MDF marquee top panel x 1
  • 3mm MDF marquee base panel x 1
  • 3mm MDF control panel front x 1
  • 3mm MDF front panel x 1
  • 3mm MDF base panel x 1
  • 3mm MDF door x 1
  • 1mm Acrylic Marquee x 2
  • 1mm Acrylic LCD protector x 1
  • 1mm MDF LCD Bezel x 1
  • 3D Printed control panel (Not painted) x 1

MDF Finishes: 
Natural Finish, straight from the laser cutter, no colouring
Black: All visible panels not expected to be covered with artwork are coloured black and sanded to produce a silk finish.

MDF Finish
3D Printed Decorative Control Panel
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