Zega Mame Boy + (Kit)
Zega Mame Boy + (Kit)
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The Zega Mame Boy Plus  / Gameboy Zero kit is the newest variation including 4 button support and simple Raspberry Pi installation. No Raspberry Pi soldering is now required.

Includes the Mainboard with 2.8 inch LCD, charging / audio board with battery extension cable and audio jack with speaker. Soldering is required to complete the installation. Please ensure you download and read the Pre-install and setup guide from the Zega Mame Boy main page.


  • 4 Front Facing buttons
  • Mainboard *
  • 2.8" Serial LCD
  • Charger board with integrated lithium charger, battery level and safe shutdown *
  • headphone jack PCB *
  • 8ohm 2w speaker
  • Mainboard to Charging board ribbon connector
  • Speaker cable with connector
  • Audio jack cable with connectors

Future updates will include L1 and R1 support via an additional plug-in board and DPAD / Button leds.

Raspberry Pi not included

* PCB colour may vary

Pre-soldered LCD & 40 Pin Header
Pre-configured SD Card
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