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Zega Mame Gear Mainboard
Replacement Mainboard
Zega Mame Gear Mainboard + HDMI Out
Game Gear Speaker Bracket
Surplus Stock - Various colours
Game Gear DPAD
Surplus Stock - Various colours
GameBoy DMG Springs
Pack of 3
Zega Mame Gear+ Entry
1st February 2023
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 to 3B/4B Adapter
GameBoy DMG Lens
Various colours
GameBoy DMG Button Rubbers
Replacement Button Rubbers
2.8 Inch LCD Replacement (Solder)
Compatible with the Zega Mame Boy Plus
25MM Fan
Desktop Arcade External USB-C Port
Desktop Arcade On/Off Switch
8ohm 2w speaker
With 2mm Connector
Desktop Arcade Hat - Mains Powered
Recommended for the Pi 3,4 / CM4
GameBoy DMG 4 Button Shell
Pre-drilled 4 button GameBoy shell for the Zega Mame Boy+
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
While stocks last
Desktop Arcade Hat - Battery Powered
Ideal for a Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero 2
Desktop Arcade Artwork Pack
Self Adhesive artwork pack
ZMB Shoulder Button PCB and Bracket
Desktop Arcade Internal Mounting Frame
Internal component mount
Desktop Arcade LED Marquee
MDF Desktop Arcade Shell
Mini, 18cm Tall Desktop, MDF Arcade Shell
Zega Mame Boy + (Kit)
Supports 6 buttons
Zega Mame Boy+ Drill Guide
Easily add the additional button holes to your DMG shell
GameBoy DMG 2 Button Shell
Replacement GameBoy DMG Shell
Gameboy DMG Buttons
Various Colours
Zega Mame Gear (KIT)
ZMG Mainboard, ZMG Audio Board, ZMG Power Board, Speaker, 3.2inch LCD
ZMG Button Bracket
Essential when adding the additional buttons
ZMG Audio Board
Replacement Zega Mame Gear Digital Audio Board
ZMG Power Board
Replacement Zega Mame Gear Power Board
ZMG Expansion Board
External USB and SD card access
Retrosix Game Gear Shell (PRE-DRILLED)
Retrosix Game Gear Shell - Pre-drilled
Safe Shutdown GPIO Module
19mm x 13mm x 1.2mm
8 Button Gamepad Mainboard
To fit up to 3.5inch LCD
Powerboard with Safe Shutdown
41mm x 33mm x 1.2mm
31mm x 18mm x 1.2mm
Raspberry Pi GPIO Connector Board
For Pi Zero / Zero 2 / 3a+
3.2 Inch Replacement LCD (SOLDER)
Replacement LCD for the Zega Mame Gear, Zega Mame Boy and Tinker Board Gamepad (SOLDER)
3.5 Inch LCD + Mini HDMI Driver Board
3.5 Inch LCD + AV Driver Board
Required a composite video input
2000MAH Battery
Fits the Zega Mame Gear and Zega Mame Boy. With 2mm connector.
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